Video: The toy phone that spurts f-word when you press 6

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A GRANDFATHER from Huddersfield says a toy mobile phone he bought for his 18 month-old grandson fired foul language at him.

The Little Tikes play phone was supposed to ‘speak’ the numbers one to ten when the corresponding buttons are pressed.

Joe McManus with grandson, 18-month-old Vinnie Lydall. ' Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Joe McManus with grandson, 18-month-old Vinnie Lydall. ' Picture: Ross Parry Agency

But when young Vinnie Lydall pushed the number ‘six’ the robotic voice apparently spurted out: “F***s!”

His grandad Joe McManus said: “When you press the 6 button it says the F-word.

“Vinnie was just sat playing with it one day pressing the buttons when we heard it.

“Call me old-fashioned but I believe that a child’s first words should be mum or dad, or maybe please and thank you, but not four-letter swear words.”

Mr McManus added: “Vinnie’s mad about gadgets and will press the buttons of anything he can get his hands on.

“He likes to mess around with our iPad and have the Wii on, even if he’s not playing on it.

“A few times he’s picked up the phone and ended up calling somebody, so we thought we’d buy him his own phone and that would keep him happy.”

Mr McManus, 61, returned the plastic pink toy to the local Asda in Birkby, Huddersfield, where he bought it for £4.50 on January 23.

He said: “They agreed with me it sounded rude and gave me my money back and assured me they would make sure no more were on the shelf.

“But when I went back a couple of weeks later they had restocked the shelves with more of the phones.

“I took one to the customer service lady who said they didn’t have the authority to take items off the shelves.

“She said she’d look into it but didn’t really seem interested.

“I don’t have a problem with Asda, but I think there’s been a lack of communication in customer services.

“This has been going on for weeks now...I’m surprised no-one else has complained.”

Mr McManus, a retired plant worker, sent a complaint email to Little Tikes after finding an address on their website.

He said: “They said it wasn’t their problem and advised that I got in touch with the distributors, so I sent them and email and recieved no reply.”

Joe’s wife, Jackie, 60, added: “Luckily, Vinnie is too young to pick up the language.

“But I would be really annoyed if one of my older grandchildren started playing with it.”

Vinnie is Joe and Jackie’s youngest grandson, and look after him when mum Tina, 35, is working as a high school teacher.

A spokesperson on behalf of Asda and Little Tikes said: “We sold 20,000 of these products last year and this is the first complaint we’ve had of this nature.”