VIDEO: Three charged over confrontation with police at crash scene

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Two more men have been charged over a confrontation with police after a video of the incident went viral.

The video – taken in Seacroft on Tuesday evening – captured the gang confronting four police officers who arrived following a crash at the junction of Wetherby Road and Kentmere Gate.

In an expletive-riddled exchange, one of the officers is threatened as he reaches for his Taser.

One of the men says: “If you pull that out and shoot him, I will take you out – know that. I will take you out if you shoot him with your Taser.”

The officers are repeatedly heard telling the group to “move away” and “calm down” as their confrontation gets increasingly heated.

But the man is reluctant to back down, adding: “If he [the officer] goes near me with that [Taser] I will punch him in the face to protect myself.”

Another voice, thought to be the person recording the incident, then boasts that he will “back” his friend.

The video has been viewed tens of thousands of times online.

Two men were arrested yesterday – Herschel Lake, 26, of Kingsdale Court, Seacroft, and Troy Geoffrey Watson, 27, of Pigeon Cote Road, Seacroft – have now been charged with public order offences.

They have been bailed to appear at Leeds Magistrates Court on July 31.

Terrence Kenneth Ramsden, 30, of Eastdean Drive, Seacroft, who was arrested at the time of the incident, will appear at Leeds Magistrates Court on July 17 on a similar charge.

Insp Jon Mellor, who leads the Leeds Inner East Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We are continuing our investigation into this incident and are currently pursuing further suspects. As a result of some of those enquiries, an 18-year-old man was arrested in Seacroft yesterday on suspicion of assisting an offender and he is currently in custody.

“It remains our clear aim to deal swiftly and robustly with this investigation and we hope it will illustrate to the community and the wider public that offences of this nature will always be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately in the interests of keeping our communities safe.”