Video: Toddler falls 30ft from attic window and survives

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A MIRACLE TODDLER cheated death after falling up to 30 ft from an attic window.

Three-year-old Patrick Karpinski had gone upstairs to play with his older cousin, as his dad sat downstairs at their Leeds home.

Maciej Karpinski with son Patrick, three.

Maciej Karpinski with son Patrick, three.

Dad Maciej, who comes from Poland, saw something fly past the window: “I heard a loud thud and rushed outside to find my son lifeless on the pavement outside.

“It was a nightmare.

“My heart stopped and I thought he was dead.

“I saw him lying there not moving.

“We called an ambulance but then a friend took us straight to the hospital.”

Mr Karpinski lives in the Harehills area of the city in an end terrace at Bayswater Grove with wife Marta.

He said doctors at Leeds General Infirmary told them their son was “lucky to be alive” following the horror fall.

“They said it was a miracle he survived such a fall onto a hard surface. 
“They kept him in for four nights and after scans it seems he burst a blood vessel in his eye, has a cut on his head and a black eye, plus some bruises.

“He is fine but has to take it easy for four weeks.”

The young man was rushed to hospital following the incident.

After the accident and following a scan it was found Patrick had injuries to his liver, eye and had internal bleeding.

However now has been given a clean bill of health by doctors who treated him at St James’ Hospital in the city.

The boy told his parents that he was trying to fly: “We asked him about it and he said he was trying to fly out of the window.

“Obviously he now knows it is dangerous and won’t be climbing out anymore.

“The distance of more than seven metres is quite a drop, We just can’t believe he has such minor injuries.”

The child had climbed out of the top attic window, up two flights of stairs from their living room, on the evening of April 28 at around 7.50pm.

Today however he is laughing and giggling as he recovers at home and plays with a new kitten bought for him by his parents.

He is aware of his poorly black eye and remembers even what happened, saying that he was “trying to fly”.

His father Maciej continued: “He is our little miracle, we cannot believe he survived and are so thankful he has recovered so well.”

The incident sparked a large police operation when it happened but following investigations West Yorkshire Police said they were not treating the incident as suspicious, saying it was simply a terrible accident.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Griffin, head of Leeds District Safeguarding Unit, said: “The boy had gone upstairs at his home to play and had somehow opened the window and fallen.

“This was a terrible accident which has resulted in a small child suffering serious injuries.

“Police are not treating this incident as suspicious and our thoughts are with his family.”

The story attracted national attention when it occurred with readers of the Yorkshire Post expressing concern online about the well-being of the young boy.