VIDEO: Viewers left terrified after 'TV Emergency alert' announces end of the world

TV viewers were left terrified after their programme was interrupted with a message declaring the world was ending.

After reports that the world could end on Saturday, viewers in California were stunned to see this message pop up on their screens.

The terrifying message began with an 'emergency alert' flashing across the screen as a creepy voice said: "Realise this, extremely violent times will come"

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The message was apparently broadcast on US TV station Bravo, before suddenly being stopped.

It is not yet known how it came to be broadcast but it is thought it could be the work of hackers.

A number of conspiracy theorists - including Christian numerologist David Meade - claims that a mysterious planet called ‘Nibiru’ will collide with Earth, killing everyone and devastating the planet, sometime this Saturday.

And while we may be slightly sceptical about this theory (we promise to apologise if the world does get destroyed), this seems like a good opportunity to look back on previous predictions of the apocalypse.