Video: Viva Las Vegas as Elvis is taken off to a tea

ELVIS flashes that famous smile as he sips on his first ever cup of steaming Yorkshire Tea.

"It's good!" he says, nodding his head slowly. "It's good!"

What higher praise could there be than a thumbs up from the King himself?

We are parked up at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard South, one of the countless wedding venues where for decades young couples have flocked to take advantage of Nevada's notoriously relaxed marriage laws.

This being Vegas, of course, the extravagant and the surreal are never far away.

Most of the weddings which take place here have colourful themes, from Alice in Wonderland to the Blues Brothers. Costumes, light shows, song and dance can all be included in each tailor-made ceremony.

By far the most popular choice is an Elvis-themed wedding, with the bride and groom driven down the aisle in a pink Cadillac before saying their vows before the King himself in a chapel decked out like an old-style American diner, the altar a huge 1950s-style fridge.

Outside the main entrance, beneath a giant neon sign proclaiming the happy marriage of 'Marcus and Callie' Elvis impersonator Brian Mills agrees his job is a little unusual.

"People just seem to want to do something different when they come here, they want to break away from tradition and it's just good fun," he said.

Mr Mills – or Elvis –insists: "Seriously, you go three miles off the strip and it's like living in any other town in America. Except the grocery stores have slot machines in them."

The happy couple, who have come all the way from Wyoming to tie the

knot in Vegas, look a little bemused as they step out of the chapel to find Little Urn parked outside.

But this is Vegas, and anything goes. Moments later they are enjoying a proper English brew courtesy of Yorkshire Tea girls Heidi and Liz – a true wedding breakfast, you might say.

The chapel is run by Victoria Raggio, a 34-year-old British ex-pat who came out to Vegas several years ago as a dancer.

"We do Rocky Horror Picture Show, we do Egyptian, we do gangster weddings, we do Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter – just whatever people want," she says.

She's delighted with her gift of a vast box of Yorkshire Tea bags from the Taylors team.

"I'm nearly out!" she says. "I do miss England – I miss my family more than anything. My brothers don't quite understand what I do here, I have to say. But right now I feel you can have a better lifestyle here in America."

We head back through Las Vegas towards our hotel, past the local gun shop –"Try Out a Real Machine Gun Today!" a sign suggests – and back onto the main Vegas strip.

We arrive back at our hotel and make plans for an early start – tomorrow, a tea party at the Grand Canyon awaits.