Video: We put nettle beer to the taste test

REAL ale is becoming more popular than ever.

Head brewer Gary Sheriff with the nettle ale

And at one South Yorkshire microbrewery, they’re taking advantage of the trend by brewing a whole range of weird and wonderful flavours – from pineapple to raspberry, and even nettle.

Although beer only began to be brewed at the Imperial Club and Brewery in Mexborough when the venue reopened back in 2011, head brewer Gary Sheriff has been perfecting his nettle beer recipe for two decades.

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“He does it every year, when nettles come into season each spring”, explained assistant brewer Dale Palmer.

Head brewer Gary Sheriff with the nettle ale

“You pick the tips of the nettles – making sure you’re above dog level for obvious reasons – wash them, sterilise them and then pop them into the beer.

“It has quite a herbal taste.”

Earlier this year, the club also began brewing a range of fruit beers, for those with a sweeter tooth.

Mr Palmer said: “The first one we did was the raspberry one, called Rubus, and after we sold out people kept asking for it.

“Then a couple of weeks ago we did a pineapple one, which was also very popular.

“Next we’re going to be doing a cherry beer.”

“Real ale is definitely more popular than ever”, he added.

“People are sick of the mass-produced, weaker beers.”