Volunteers needed for bone study

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Researchers in Sheffield are seeking volunteers to help carry out a study to find out how obesity and hormones affect bone health.

The research will involve using bone-scanning equipment to look at the internal structure of bones in detail, to determine if body weight and hormones affect how bones develop during growth.

A state-of the-art scanner, one of only three in the country, will be used to carry out the research.

Volunteers aged between eight and 30, who have no ongoing health problems, are now needed.

Consultant paediatric endocrinologist Dr Paul Dimitri said: “There are concerns that obesity may affect how our bones develop from childhood to adulthood and may lead to an increased risk of fracture or osteoporosis.

“At the moment, we do not fully understand the impact on the skeleton of being overweight during childhood and adulthood.

“If we have a better understanding of the factors that affect bone strength we can give better advice to patients, and we may eventually be able to develop new treatments for bone disease.”

For further details on taking part in the study contact Tracey Higginbottom on 0114 2715238.