Wall of death mystery for flying geese

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THE wall of a block of flats in a Yorkshire seaside resort has become a lethal danger for geese which are flying into it – apparently mistaking it for the sky.

Geese have been left dead or badly maimed after flying into The Sands development in Scarborough – leaving large indentations in the side of the building.

The end wall of Kepwick House is now pockmarked where the birds have struck the building that stands in their flight path to the North Sea. Birds have struggled with the building before and developers have put up LED lighting to act as a deterrent. However residents have claimed the building’s lighting is ineffective and the cream facade is causing problems for the birds.

One woman said: ““I appreciate they have put lights up there but they are not effective enough. There needs to be some kind of flashing light to make the geese aware of the dangers.”

David Hooper, who runs the neighbouring Military Adventure Park, has previously found three dead geese at the base of the building, which encouraged the developers to put up the LED lights. The company behind The Sands project, Benchmark, said no birds had hit the wall during recent weeks and added no plans had been put forward to improve the lighting on the building. The firm had previously fitted LED lights when it was noted the problem with geese flying out to the North Sea was occurring at night.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds claimed it is a mystery why the birds are injuring themselves by flying into the building.