WANdisco launches software solution

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SOFTWARE firm WANdisco has launched Git MultiSite, a software solution designed to eliminate downtime and data loss.

The Sheffield company said its product is based on patented technology that is said to ensure 100 per cent availability of computer resources and improved performance overall.

It said that teams using it will be able to collaborate seamlessly as if they were all in one office. Git MultiSite uses WANdisco’s Continuous Availability technology to remove any single point of failure or a performance bottleneck.

WANdisco’s chief executive David Richards said: “We have taken the core WANdisco patented replication technology, in use by thousands of customers, and applied it to the increasingly popular open source Git, enhancing its inherent speed and efficiency with our shared-nothing architecture to eliminate downtime.

“Git MultiSite eliminates the risks associated with a master repository model, allowing enterprises to realise the benefits, resulting in shorter development cycles, higher quality, and lower costs.”