WANdisco signs agreement with Nokia Siemens

David Richards, president and chief executive of WANdisco
David Richards, president and chief executive of WANdisco
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MOBILE broadband specialist Nokia Siemens Networks has signed an agreement with software firm WANdisco to use its data storing technology.

The telecoms giant will use WANdisco’s Apache Hadoop software, an open source, readily available tool that allows companies to store vast quantities of data.

Sheffield and California-based WANdisco developed the new technology to protect large companies when disaster strikes.

In the past, electrical storms and vandalism have knocked out internet giants for hours, but WANdisco developed the ‘Big Data’ product at its headquarters in Sheffield to keep the world’s largest social and commercial networks, such as Twitter and Amazon, safe.

David Richards, chief executive of WANdisco, said: “This agreement is a clear demonstration that Hadoop is the application platform of choice for all kinds of organisations. It is also further testimony to the unique capability that WANdisco Big Data technology provides, which is continuous availability.”

Soma Velayutham, head of customer insight and experience product management at Nokia Siemens Networks, added: “Our customers recognise the competitive edge that harnessing Big Data technology can deliver in telecommunications.

“Leveraging Hadoop enables us to provide them with the real-time insight that is the foundation for business value.

“WANdisco has the expertise and experience in Hadoop that is key for implementing Big Data in the telecommunications industry.”