Warning to drivers as uninsured cars seized by police

MOTORISTS who drive uninsured vehicles are again being warned that they face losing their cars.

Five vehicles were seized on Tuesday for various offences in the first of a series of operations targeting illegal drivers in Bradford.

The police operation saw officers and partner agencies focusing on Lilycroft Road in the Manningham area between 9am and 2pm.

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Acting Sergeant Najma Akram, of the local policing team, said: “Targeting uninsured vehicles on Bradford’s roads is one of our main priorities and has been highlighted as a concern by residents.

“We stopped and seized two vehicles today for this very reason and it really emphasises the importance of these focused operations.

“Those who drive without insurance, risk having their vehicles seized and paying hundreds of pounds for the duration of its compound.

“The partner agencies that joined us during this clampdown also seized vehicles for having no tax and also for the use of red diesel.

“Nine tickets were handed out to individuals driving without a seatbelt. By not wearing a seatbelt, you are putting your own safety at risk, not to mention your passengers and potentially other road users.

“It is a task which takes only a few seconds to perform and can save lives. There are absolutely no reasons why you should not be wearing your seatbelt and we will be making sure drivers in Bradford are fully aware of this fact.

“Other tickets were issued, including one to a driver without an MOT and another for a loose car component. One person was also reported for summons after it was revealed they were disqualified from driving.”

She added: “The message is plain and simple. We will not tolerate those who cause dangers to themselves and others on the road. We will continue to undertake operations such as this over the coming weeks and in different locations across the area.”