Warsi ‘has ended her career’ claims MP

Baroness Warsi
Baroness Warsi
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ELMET and Rothwell MP Alec Shelbrooke said his fellow Yorkshire Conservative Baroness Warsi had “embarassed herself” after she predicted the party would fail to win a majority at next year’s General Election.

Dewsbury peer Lady Warsi told a Sunday newspaper that the Conservatives had failed to appeal to voters from Britain’s ethnic minorities.

Her comments followed her resignation from the Government earlier this week in protest at its failure to condemn Israel’s actions in Gaza more fully.

Baroness Warsi was an early supporter of David Cameron’s bid to be leader and was later made co-chairman of the party.

In her interview she said she thought: “This is a guy who gets today’s Britain. He’s a new kind of Conservative. He’s comfortable with today’s Britain”.

But she added: “I think the party has shifted since then. The party leadership has shifted since then.

I think over time it will be a regressive move because we have to appeal to all of Britain, not just because it’s morally the right thing to do... but because it is an electoral reality.

Talking about the Tories’ 2015 election prospects, she said: “I will be out there, vocally fighting for an outright Conservative majority.

“But the electoral reality is that we will not win outright Conservative majorities until we start attracting more of the ethnic vote.”

Her comments earned a withering response from Mr Shelbrooke.

“I think within a week, ‘Who was Lady Warsi?’ will be the question. She has ended her career in many ways.”

He suggested she had undermined her position on Gaza by “spreading out into areas of different criticism”.

“Don’t you embarrass yourself if you start launching into a tirade about many other things, when you come from a position of having never held elected office?” he added.