Watch the incredible moment Yorkshire child waiting for a heart donation told she is spending Christmas in Disneyland

This is the incredible moment a Yorkshire child waiting for a heart donation was told she is spending Christmas in Disneyland by a princess.

Thalia-Beau Wright, from Scarborough, was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy at Leeds General Infirmary in December last year after battling with a persistent cough.

Doctors in Scarborough had been due to discharge Thalia but she was rushed by ambulance to the LGI when a cardiologist discovered that her heart was enlarged.

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There is no cure or treatment for restrictive cardiomyopathy - a rare form of heart muscle disease that is characterised by restrictive filling of the ventricles.

Thalia-Beau Wright being told the secret.

Earlier this year, Karen Ireland, a family friend, started fundraising to send Thalia on a trip to Disneyland Paris and since then a number of people including businesses in the area have raised almost £7,000 to make the trip possible.

On Saturday, Thalia found out her dream of going to Disneyland will soon be a reality at a 'big reveal' event at Irton Garden Centre.

Her grandmother Christine, speaking to the Yorkshire Post, said: "Thalia thought that she was just visiting Father Christmas on Saturday, she was so excited about that, when she left the grotto the beautiful Princess Belle was waiting for her with the most magical surprise.

"We are going to Disney just before Christmas so wanted a festive themed reveal and it couldn't have been more perfect

"Princess Belle hosted Thalia's 5th birthday party and also came to visit her when she first came out of hospital, they have a lovely relationship and there was nobody else in the world we would have wanted to tell our princess.

"Thalia was so overwhelmed to start with and of course very shocked but since then she has been so excited, it's so wonderful to now speak to her about it now the secret is out."

Among the businesses who have organised fundraising events or challenges for Thalia are Barbelle Gym, OurCo, Julie Hatton School of Performing Arts, Steps Ahead hair salon and Hays Travel.