We are paying for EU’s state-sponsored robbery in Cyprus

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From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey.

I DO not think anyone in Britain today would believe a civilised, democratically-elected European government, in cahoots with the advanced European Union officialdom, would raid the personal bank accounts of its citizens; to rob them of £5.8bn which will be added to the EU contribution of £10bn, to fund the bailout of the horrific debts of Cyprus.

This is the kind of behaviour which may have been anticipated from rogue states; from countries with an oppressive rule, but European countries? Surely this can never happen and should not even have been contemplated. This is plain and simple to describe – it is state robbery, no excuses, no possible justification!

When did robbery cease to be a criminal offence? When its state sponsored is the only answer I can come up with. There are many of us who are very dubious of any advantages of being a member of the EU, but if there are any, this action must have completely negated them, for the value which can be placed on independence and self-government cannot be measured, and far, far exceeds any possible advantage which membership of the EU provides.

What I find very disturbing is the news that Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has announced that Britain’s taxpayers will be forced to compensate Armed Forces personnel and civil servants for any losses they will incur. This is akin to simply giving taxpayers’ money to the EU; to meekly accepting their actions. Britain’s taxpayers are being made to pay for this EU folly; the EU robs the savings of our Armed Forces, so our Government replaces them with taxpayers’ money, so, in effect, we are paying the EU. Britain has been forced to pay ransom to a blackmailer, so where will this end? Will Spain be next? or possibly Italy? Or Ireland? Can anyone be confident this is a one-off? And, is Britain saying that all other British people living in Cyprus who will suffer such financial rape do not matter?

How can this be democracy? Has the meaning of this word been altered? Human rights? Now, this would certainly seem a very clear breach of an individual’s human rights, so will this action be ruled unlawful? Well it is seen as unlawful to deport a terrorist sympathiser; a preacher of hate like Abu Qatada, as this breaches his human rights, so how can it be acceptable for the EU to raid a person’s private savings account?

From: Hilary Andrews, Wentworth Court, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

I’M sure everyone in the UK views with alarm the Cypriot decision to tax the savings of the people of Cyprus. Most of these savers will have worked hard and paid tax on their saved money. I am fearful that the same idea could be muted here. Savers have suffered greatly since the 2008 bank crash. Could this be a further blow?

From: Rodney Atkinson, Meadowfield Road, Stocksfield, Northumberland.

I NOTE that – as elsewhere in the Eurozone – countries like Cyprus, Greece and Italy warn their peoples that if they don’t vote for the financial destruction that the euro demands they will be forced to leave the euro.

Only in the mad world of the EU could you threaten someone with salvation (leaving the euro) unless they commit to destruction (staying in the euro)!

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

I DON’T know what all the fuss is about Cypriots losing some of their savings.

It has been going on in the UK for years, thanks to our rip-off banks.

And, more recently, the UK Government has been at it as well.