We benefit from the effect of herbal remedies

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From: Douglas Hartley, Irving Terrace, Clayton, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

THE EU makes our laws and tells our Government how to run this country. It’s bureaucrats now interfere in our personal choices.

Under the Traditional Herbal Registrations (April 2011) enactment, many herbal remedies, used for generations, will no longer be on sale in high street retailers – this in deference to the huge pharmaceutical companies.

These companies can afford the required expensive testing of their products. Producers of herbal medicines are small companies; they will not be able to afford expensive testing (around £10,000 for each product), and will lose trade. A herbal dispensing firm I know of is 65 years old, but it may eventually go out of business.

I know a lady who, many years ago, began to experience chest pains on walking uphill.

She was diagnosed with angina. She was given an inhaler, and was put on aspirin, which had side effects.

She discovered hawthorn tablets, supplied by the herbal firm I have mentioned. Soon the pains were felt no more.

What seemed to be a cure was accepted by her GP. He produced corroborative evidence from a medical journal. She has learnt that hawthorn tables will disappear under the EU directive.

If their loss results in illness, or even in death, I shall hold the interfering Brussels bureaucrats responsible. The lady is my wife.