WEATHER: When will it be hottest in Yorkshire today?

If you're wondering what's on the menu for tonight's grub, the weather might just have made up your mind.

PIC: Daniel Bosworth 'Copyright:British Tourist Authority

Yorkshire is braced for blistering heat and prolonged sunny spells throughout what is largely tipped to be the hottest day of the year so far.

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And the hottest part of the day is predicted to be between 3pm and 6pm, when temperatures are set to rise to a sizzling 23C - the perfect time to wrestle the BBQ out of the shed and shove on tonight's feast.

PIC: Daniel Bosworth 'Copyright:British Tourist Authority

Whether you're a fan of the burger, the hot dog, the vegetable kebab or something altogether different, this afternoon and early evening will provide the perfect conditions for the first outdoor feast of the year.

So get out your shorts and sandals, make sure you wear a hat and apply sun cream, and get out in the fresh out for an al fresco dining experience this evening.

PIC: Daniel Bosworth 'Copyright:British Tourist Authority

And the rest of the day is shaping up nicely too, with regular sunny spells and little in the way of clouds in the forecast.

Here's your hour-by-hour weather update for Thursday:

8am: Sunny day, 12C

9am: Sunny day, 14C

10am: Sunny day, 17C

11am: Sunny day, 19C

12pm: Sunny day, 20C

1pm: Sunny day, 21C

2pm: Sunny day, 22C

3pm: Sunny day, 23C

4pm: Sunny day, 23C

5pm: Sunny day, 23C

6pm: Sunny day, 22C

7pm: Sunny day, 21C

8pm: Sunny day, 19C

9pm: Clear night, 18C

10pm: Clear night, 16C

11pm: Clear night, 15C