Is an Arctic blast really going to bring snow this week? This is what the Met Office says

Reports are doing the rounds in the national media of snow hitting the UK this week as temperatures plunge.

Is it really going to snow this week? This is what the Met Office says

The Daily Mail is among those reporting that snow flurries are set to hit the UK, including grave warnings of minus 7 degrees C temperatures and 'Arctic blasts' on Tuesday.

So where did this come from? And is Yorkshire likely to get the white stuff?

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What the Met Office says

Is it really going to snow this week? This is what the Met Office says

According to the weather experts - YES, it is going to snow this week, but only over very high ground like the Pennines and Scotland.

A few weeks ago very high parts of North Yorkshire saw some snowfalls, and this could be repeated this week. But main towns and cities are likely to be absolutely fine.

This Evening and Tonight:

Rain in the north will retreat to northeast Scotland, leaving cold clear skies and a risk of ice in Scotland. Elsewhere, it will be windy and mild with showers, which will ease, but return later to Wales and southwest England.


The north will be dry and bright apart from a few showers in northern Scotland. Rain in Wales and showers in southwest England will move eastwards during the day.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Tuesday will begin dry and frosty. Heavy rain will reach Wales and southwest England later, spreading east overnight, and turning to snow over the Pennines. Thereafter, cloudy with occasional rain.

So although snow is possible in some parts, in all likelihood we won't see much snow this week in most of Yorkshire.

And in case there was any doubt, here's the full forecast for Leeds on Tuesday:

A cold day, with peaks of 5 degrees C. But mostly cloudy with occassional sunshine.