Insurance claims rocket as Yorkshire recovers from Storm Ciara flooding

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An insurance giant has seen a 285 per cent surge in calls and claims as it helps to repair the damage caused by Storm Ciara.

Aviva said areas which have been particularly badly affected include Sheffield and Bradford, as well as Nottingham, Birmingham and Norwich.

York is one of the many areas in Yorkshire to have been hit by Storm Ciara. Credit: Getty

York is one of the many areas in Yorkshire to have been hit by Storm Ciara. Credit: Getty

Claims included property damage such as loose tiles and broken windows, as well as flooding.

Andrew Morrish, UK claims director for Aviva, said: "Storm Ciara is unusual in that it has affected a wide area and so far we've seen an increase of around 285% in telephone calls and claims, compared to January.

"Customers are able to contact us in a number of ways and around 10% of people have made a claim using our online claims facility.

"The majority of claims have been from people whose properties have been affected by strong winds, such as loose roof tiles, broken windows and fallen trees, but we are also starting to see flood claims.

"We are monitoring the situation closely, particularly where there are flood warnings in place.

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"We are speaking to customers across many parts of the country, but the worst affected areas are Nottingham, Birmingham, Norwich, Sheffield and Bradford."

He said the company is using technology to settle claims more quickly.

Mr Morrish said: "This means that around 12 per cent of customers have already received payments."

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has advised people facing damage or flooding to contact their insurer as soon as possible.

Many insurers have 24-hour emergency helplines and they may be able to arrange temporary emergency repairs to stop any damage getting worse.

The ABI advises keeping any receipts which may be used to support a claim and not rushing to throw away damaged items unless they are a danger to health, as they may be repaired or restored.

Comprehensive motor insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing vehicles damaged by storms.