What will the weather be like in Yorkshire this week? Could we get a final glimpse of summer before the end of August?

The weather hasn’t been the best the last few weeks, but could that change in the last week of August?

We might be treated to a warmer week this week, according to the Met Office.

While we have seen the duller side lately with cloudy and thundery days, Yorkshire may look forward to a brighter week ahead.

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Let’s take a look at what the week has in store for Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.

The sun setting over Ilkley Moor. (Pic credit: Bruce Rollinson)


The day will start out cloudy in the morning, slightly cooler in coastal districts.

However, we may see warm sunny spells into the afternoon, with the day brightening up over time. The maximum temperature expected for Tuesday is 21C.

Wednesday to Friday

While it’s likely that light winds, clouds and mist may be dominating the morning of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, people can look forward to eventual sunny spells across the afternoon and evening period.

Across Yorkshire the temperature may vary during this period from a minimum of 18C and a maximum of 22C.

Outlook for this weekend in the UK

The Met Office has stated that the last weekend in August and into early September may be dominated by high pressure which could result in fine and settled weather across the country.

“This will bring variable amounts of cloud, sunny spells, a few light showers and mainly light winds but some fog patches overnight, which clear during early morning,” the weather service said.

“It looks increasingly likely that these settled conditions will persist through much of this period, with perhaps weak frontal systems bringing some light rain and showers at times.”

“Winds likely to be light to moderate for most, with breezier conditions towards the edge of the high pressure in the far south, where it may feel cooler.”

The temperatures may be quite warm in the west but near average and cool in the east below any persistent cloud, the Met Office added.