This is when it will stop raining in Leeds

Rain was predicted in the city of Leeds today and although it was slightly earlier than expected, the weather forecast was correct.

However, if you dislike rainfall, not to worry because the good news is it will stop raining later on today.

Although this afternoon’s rain is earlier than predicted, light showers are still expected to continue until around 20:00 tonight.

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The chance of precipitation until 20:00 is 50%, but after this the forecast is cloudy and warm, with temperatures of around 16C well into the evening.

But will this rain continue over the rest of the weekend?

For those who dislike rainy weather, it is luckily not set to reappear over Saturday and Sunday, with a mixture of cloud and sunny intervals instead expected over the next two days.

Saturday will be cloudy for most of the day, with the sun only expected to make a brief appearance at around 19:00.

However, the temperature will still be warm, with highs of 23C expected. Early morning will start off with temperatures of around 15C before increasing to 18C by mid-morning.

Temperatures will then continue to rise throughout the afternoon, reaching the peak of 23C at 16:00, before beginning to slowly dip after around 20:00.

Sunday will also be cloudy, but less so than Saturday, with some periods of pure sunshine and sunny intervals.

Sunny intervals are expected to occur at around 10:00 and 19:00, with the temperature reaching its peak of 23C at 13:00.

Temperatures will remain warm throughout the rest of the day, with it still being 22C at 19:00 and only then beginning to dip at around 22:00.

Monday is then expected to be very warm and humid again, with periods of sunshine and cloud and peak temperatures of around 25C.