Yorkshire expected to be hotter than Spain, Greece and Turkey for Easter - full forecast here

Yorkshire will be hotter than parts of Spain, Greece and Turkey this Easter weekend, with temperatures exceeding 20C (68F).

Sheffield will see highs of 23C on Saturday, hotter than parts of Spain, Greece and Turkey

The likes of Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and York are expected to be hotter than St Tropez in the south of France, Corfu, Bodrum in southern Turkey and Spanish tourism hotspot Marbella.

Temperatures will rise throughout the week to give a dry, settled and warm bank holiday weekend throughout much of the country, according to the Met Office.

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Sheffield and South Yorkshire are expected to see the higher temperatures with a forecast of 23C (73.4F) on Saturday.

Leeds will see highs of 21C (69.8F), Hull 20C (68F) and York 20C (68F) compared to the UK average of 11.5C (52.7F) for this time of year.

Forecaster Simon Partridge said Good Friday will be pleasant before the mercury rises to exceed 20C (68F) in areas on Saturday and Sunday.

Mr Partridge said: “After there was a chilly spell this weekend, we are going to see temperatures gradually increase through the week.

“By the weekend we could see in parts of the country temperatures of around 20C (68F), or just above.”

The highest temperature ever recorded for an Easter weekend is 27.8C (82F) which occurred in two different years.

The first was in Heathrow, west London and Mildenhall, Suffolk in 1949 and the second was recorded Wisley, Surrey in 2011.