Yorkshire flooding: Latest flood warnings across Yorkshire as heavy rain and snow disruption continues

Storm Darcy continues to bring heavy rain and snow, threatening homes and businesses across Yorkshire.

Flood warnings have been issued across Yorkshire

Flood warnings mean that flooding is expected imminently and ‘immediate action is required’.

North Yorkshire has seen the most flood warnings issued so far, with ten in total. These are the latest flood warnings currently in place across Yorkshire.

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They are:

Low lying properties in the Upper Hull catchment

River Aire at Allerton Ings, Barnsdale Road and Properties

River Aire at Hirst Marsh and West Marsh

River Aire at Newton and Fairburn

River Derwent at Buttercrambe Mill

River Derwent at Stamford Bridge - The Weir Caravan Park and Kexby Bridge

River Hull at Hull Bridge and Beverley

River Ouse at Naburn Lock

River Ouse at York - riverside properties

River Ouse at York - St George's Field and Queen's Staith

These flood warnings also extend to the East Riding of Yorkshire, as well as a further warning for the North Sea coast at Bridlington - Harbour Road and Floral Pavilion.

South Yorkshire has eight flood alerts:

Ea Beck catchment

Lower River Aire catchment

Lower River Don catchment

River Idle in Nottinghamshire

River Trent from Cromwell Weir to Gainsborough

River Went catchment

Tidal River Aire catchment

Tidal River Ouse from Selby to Faxfleet

Leeds has already been battered by bad weather and flooding, with several flood warnings in place across the city.

According to the government’s Flood Information Service, the following advice is issued for flood warnings:

turn off gas, water and electricity

move things upstairs or to safety

move family, pets and car to safety

For flood alerts, the advice is to:

prepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents

check flood warnings

The government also recommends that residents who are at risk of flooding should sign up to flood warnings by email, phone or text message.

Residents across Leeds have already been forced to bail water from their homes as floodwaters hit in Wortley.