Website sings the blues over Valentine’s emotions

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Love was clearly not in the air for everybody on Valentine’s Day after a poll showed Taylor Swift’s break-up hit We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was the most popular song for karaoke fans on Thursday.

The song – a massive hit last year – was the most sung song on a karaoke website on Thursday.

It accounted for almost one in 10 (9 per cent) of all the 22,000 songs sung on the site that day.

Second most popular was X Factor winner James Arthur’s hit Impossible (6.5 per cent) followed by another break-up track – Adele’s Someone Like You which accounted for 3.8 per cent of all songs sung.

Lucky Voice website boss Nick Thistleton said: “Breaking up is hard to take, and for people who have been delivered the ‘it’s not you ... it’s me’ line in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, it’s a double blow.

“We’ve seen a surge in heartbreak songs in the UK karaoke charts top 10 in recent weeks, which tells us that the start of 2013 has been an emotional relationship rollercoaster for many.”