Website to show Scots ‘benefits 
of No vote’

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The Government has launched a new website which it says will help people “find out how being part of the UK benefits them”.

The site,, is said to break down published Government analysis on Scotland’s future, making it “relevant” to individual circumstances.

It allows people to submit questions on Scottish referendum issues and find out how being in the UK affects their work life, home life and family life, ministers said.

But the SNP said the Westminster government was playing catch-up after the Scottish Government launched its own website on the “gains of independence” eight months ago.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said the new online tool would help people navigate the referendum debate.

He said: “People will be making a very important decision on September 18 – whether to stay in the UK where we have the best of either worlds or leaving the UK forever. This is an irreversible decision that will affect our children and our grandchildren so it is essential people understand the facts.

“Now the facts about how the UK benefits you are only a click away.”

SNP MSP Marco Biagi said: “With the latest poll showing a significant narrowing of the gap between Yes and No – and eight months after the Scottish Government launched the successful website, which has provided extensive information on the gains of independence – the Westminster Government is now playing catch-up.

“Perhaps their new website will shed light on issues the No campaign have tried to keep hidden from people in Scotland, such as what the £300,000 worth of secret referendum polling paid for with taxpayers’ money actually said.”