Wedding venue objects to plans for new 70-bedroom hotel in East Yorkshire

A WEDDING venue is among objectors to plans for a new 70-bedroomed hotel in East Yorkshire.

The hotel plans are due to be discussed on January 9

Cottingham Parks Development Ltd is seeking outline planning permission for the hotel at Cottingham Parks Golf and Leisure Club on Wood Hill Way, Cottingham.

It comes a year after plans for the hotel, which was to be funded by also building 152 homes, were refused as a “significant and unacceptable” intrusion into the open countryside.

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The applicant says the hotel is needed to diversify the business as golf is predicted to go into a slow decline over the next 10 years.

Lazaat Hotel, just over a mile away on Wood Hill Road, is objecting

The proposals include extending the existing clubhouse and leisure facilities and increasing the number of car parking spaces from 200 to 384.

The applicant argues that the size of the hotel is similar to Cave Castle, which has a 71-bedroomed hotel and a golf and leisure offer.

Planners at East Riding Council are recommending the green light, saying that locating the hotel behind the clubhouse and removing the housing “reduces its impact on the setting and character of the village to an acceptable level.”

However Lazaat Hotel, a mile away on Wood Hill Way, is objecting.

The events, wedding and conference venues says claims that the golf element may be less viable in the future is “inadequate justification for a substantial speculative development”.

In a report to the planning committee, it states that a 70-bed hotel with wedding venue in the open countryside "does not represent sustainable development and needs special justification."

Hull Council is also against, saying town centre sites need to be considered first.

However two parish councils, Cottingham and Skidby, support the plans, which are due to be discussed on January 9.