Welcome to Kirtles: Council spells its own name wrong in leaflet

A COUNCIL spelled its own name and that of several villages wrongly in a leaflet promoting cycling.

Kirklees Council had 7,000 leaflets printed but they repeatedly spell Kirklees as Kirtles, Cleckheaton became Czechisation, Birstall ended up as Bistable and Kirkburton as Kirkpatrick.

The mangled spelling also affected the names of local bike shops, with Spen Velo becoming Supen Vole.

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Local cycle route the Spen Valley Greenway became the Supen Valley Greenyard.

Even more bizarrely, an email address for British Waterways was given as: [email protected]'s.co.uk

A spokesman for the council said the errors were the result of graphic design software used by an external printer.

The leaflets had been reprinted and the 1,000 cost was reimbursed.

"An unanticipated automatic spell check occurred to the final version of the map after staff had agreed and proof-read a correct version," said the spokesman.

"The mistakes were only noticed once the leaflets had been printed. As soon as we became aware of the errors, distribution was immediately stopped."