Wetherspoons World Cup row: What you said after pubs told NOT to put England flags up

News that Wetherspoons pub staff are being discouraged from flying England flags during the World Cup has caused a stir online.

Wetherspoons staff have been told not to put flags up

Opinion has been divided on the Yorkshire Evening Post's Facebook page since the news came about - which unlike some 'parody' accounts out there, actually came from the press office at the pub chain.

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Reports in national media suggested say Wetherspoons pubs have 'banned' England flags. In fact, the St George flags aren't banned outright, but pub managers are being actively discouraged from putting them up for 'consistency' reasons.

Bunting comprising all 32 nations taking part in the World Cup - including the St George England flag - has been sent to all 880 Wetherspoon pubs across the country.

Managers have been advised to fly this bunting, which gives equal prominence to each of the 32 teams, but not to add extra England flags in pubs.

J D Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon confirmed that this is due to 'consistency'.

-> Revealed: Where you can watch England's 2018 World Cup gamesHe said: "What we have said is the same as Christmas trees and decorations. We have sent this bunting to all our pubs, but staff can't go willy nilly adding anything they want to it.

"What we aren't looking for is for individual pubs putting extra flags up. So that one pub in Leeds might have a big England flag but another might not.

"The bunting is what we want people to put out. If they want them to put up a flag they can but we aren’t encouraging it.

"On one hand we aren’t encouraging staff to go freelance and put up your own flags.

We run our business professionally and what we don’t want is inconsistency. One pub with a big flag and another without, whereas the bunting is in all pubs."

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Toni Bainbridge "What’s with all these crazy angry people with their “this is England be proud” bull?

"They aren’t saying that spoons can’t fly their England flags if they want to, they aren’t doing it because “it may offend. ” They’re doing it for CONSISTENCY, as in SO THAT ALL SPOONS PUBS LOOK THE SAME they aren’t banning flags all together, chill your beans people, just enjoy the World Cup, lol "

Lindsey Bell: "Sensible decision by Wetherspoons. Its not just England supporters who live in England. everyone should be able to enjoy games without feeling overly intimidated."

Aly Demaine: "I've just been in Egypt and when they played Egyptian flags were everywhere...... So why not England flags here"

Mike Wakefield said: "It's wrong end of.. Why not hang a flag of your country up to support your team. Its absolutely disgusting. It is okay though to do one of your local team.. Difference is?"

Allan Newby: "If people are bothered just go to a pub with a flag up there will be plenty, it annoys me that a German shop chain is showing more loyalty towards England than most English pub chains and English shop chains

Margaret Greaves "If this is true its an absolute joke this is England anyone that doesn’t like us displaying our flag can do one "