Wetland perceptions under scrutiny

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The wildlife and history of some of North Yorkshire’s most picturesque landscapes are being investigated using a heritage survey.

The study will determine how much local people know about the Vale of Pickering’s wetland heritage and the findings will provide valuable feedback for Scarborough Council’s Wetland Project. The research will then be used to guide further landscape work in the area.

The consultation has been put together by Wetland Project officer Tim Burkinshaw and Hugo Hughes, an undergraduate Horticulture and garden design student at Myerscough College in Lancashire, who is using the Vale of Pickering as a case study.

Mr Burkinshaw said: “I was really pleased when Hugo asked me for help with his survey idea. He was interested in people’s perceptions of wetland areas and whether they value them. We decided to focus on the Vale of Pickering in particular as there has been a great deal of interest in this area as an under-appreciated floodplain landscape.”

The Project works with Vale of Pickering farmers to restore wetland habitats with support from Natural England, the RSPB, the Environment Agency and the county council.