WHAT A FIND: Dog discovers research tool from the 1960s

Barney the dog with owner David Russell
Barney the dog with owner David Russell
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SCIENTISTS mapping the currents of the Irish Sea in the 1960s have had an unexpected addition to their research - after a dog discovered one of their research ‘drifters’ on a Cumbrian beach.

The red plastic disks were used by oceanographers from Bangor University to learn about the movements of the Irish Sea.

A third were returned in time for them to publish their research in 1968 - but this particular ‘drifter’ had remained lost at sea until it was discovered by Barney the dog on Silecroft beach.

But Barney’s owner David Russell, a retired salesman from Batley, was not surprised by the find - it’s the third they have discovered, following earlier finds of another device and a meteorological balloon.

He said: “There must be something about the currents that bring things to this beach. When I found this drifter it had just come in on the tide.”

A plastic tag attached to the disk asks the finder it before December 1968 to receive a reward of 5/- - the equivalent of 25p in today’s metric system.