What future for our post offices?

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From: Mrs AM Haigh, Edlington Lane, Warmsworth, Doncaster.

AM I the only person to notice yet another nail in the coffin for sub-postmasters? From October 2014, paper tax discs for cars will no longer be necessary following the Autumn Statement.

This is yet another source of income which is to be taken away from the already under pressure sub-postmasters whose salaries are being eroded by successive governments.

Soon the post offices will have nothing to offer communities across the country which rely on them for so many different services – does that mean more redundancies?

The shave-nots

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

WATCHING snooker from York at the weekend, I could not help but notice the inclination of some presenters and players to grow what is apparently called designer stubble. John Parrott was clean shaven and looked the part but Stephen Hendry looked scruffy.

On another programme I thought Jeremy Paxman has aged himself with his decision to not shave and Nigel Slater presenting a cookery programme was a sight to put anyone off their dinner.

Littoral quest

From: Peter Smith, Lodge Cottage, Staveley, Knaresborough.

AT the risk of driving Norma Bartle completely barmy (Yorkshire Post, December 9), that great Batley-born comedy script writer, producer and entertainer Mike Craig was always looking for a place called Hove Actually.

Mike knew it existed because whenever he asked if anyone came from Brighton they invariably replied “No, Hove actually”.

Down the drain

From: Jill Parvin, Silkstone Court, Leeds.

I REPORTED blocked drains in Austhorpe Road, Cross Gates, over four weeks ago, caused by leaves. Nothing has been done. Walking though Roundhay Park on Monday, Leeds Council was clearing all the fallen leaves – does this make any sense?