What’s in a name? Peace of mind for patients

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From: FE Pitt, Keighley.

I WAS most impressed when a few years ago a new doctor in our local practice introduced himself by standing up, shaking my hand, telling me his name, and inviting me to sit, before my consultation began.

Last year, when I needed a potentially tricky operation at Airedale General Hospital, my consultant brought all his theatre team to my bedside and not only introduced himself as he sat beside me but all the team too.

Consequently I was made to feel at ease and confident that these practitioners cared about my treatment.

I would like to feel that all patients are similarly treated and wholeheartedly support the “My name is...” initiative being launched by the West Yorkshire consultant and cancer sufferer Kate Granger (The Yorkshire Post, February 10).

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

WITH regard to new cancer cases (The Yorkshire Post, February 11), surely more funding should be made available for hospices and the wonderful Macmillan nurses? Perhaps it could come from the overseas aid budget?