What we'll miss about George Osborne this Autumn Statement

Following David Cameron's resignation from Number 10, few were sad to see George Osborne follow suit.

Former Chancellor George Osborne

But whether it was his shameless use of Budget announcements to heckle Labour or endless shots of the Chancellor in a hi-vis, it's funny what can prompt a little nostalgia....

Never missing an opportunity for a joke at Ed Miliband's expense

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The former Chancellor was not renowned for his sense of humour, but from time to time he would use his bi-annual address to take a cheeky pop at the opposition.

For example, the 2012 Budget saw Osborne announced a tax credit scheme for TV production and animation firms, in a bid to keep creative talent in Britain.

But in a clear dig at Ed Miliband and shadow chancellor Ed Balls, he looked straight across the Dispatch Box as he declared it was his "determined policy" to "keep Wallace and Gromit exactly where they are".

Two years later he offered Budget support for celebrations to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

This time he used a reference to King John - "a weak leader who had risen to the top after betraying his brother" - to mock Mr Miliband for his leadership victory over brother David.

The chance to play a little Osborne 'budget bingo'

After six years of Osbornomics, few could resist rolling their eyes at the utterance of the words "long term economic plan".

But the Chancellor could always be relied on to reel off a handful of his other go-to phrases, including:

- Budget surplus

- Northern Powerhouse

- Labour's economic mess

- Hardworking families

Hands up who got a full house?

The endless Hi Vis photo ops... and variations thereof

By the end of the Cameron era, the name George Osborne had become synonymous with photo ops involving a hard hat and a hi vis jacket.

So much so, that when Theresa May accepted her award from the former chancellor at the recent Parliamentarian of the Year awards, she donned the get-up before taking to the stage.

Unfortunately for Mr Osborne, photographers have a talent for catching politicians in the split second that mask of sophisticated statesmanship slips.

And of course, who can forget cider-gate...