What you need to know about the Trump-Kim summit

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US president Donald Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un have signed an agreement in Singapore during an unprecedented historic meeting.

Trump becomes the first sitting American president to meet with a leader of the secretive state.

Where did they meet?

The summit takes place on neutral ground - Singapore, where the two leaders met at a luxury hotel on Sentosa Island. They then signed a historic document promising improved relations between the nations.

What did they discuss?

Primarily nuclear disarmament - a sensitive topic. The US has demanded the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula and a commitment to building 'lasting piece'. The pair spoke via interpreters for around 40 minutes and Trump said he was open to Kim visiting the White House for further talks.

However, a timetable for disarmament has not been given, and there has been no mention of whether independent weapons inspectors will be allowed into North Korea.

What did they have for lunch?

Both western and Asian dishes were on the menu. Trump's delegation included the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and security expert John Bolton, while Kim was accompanied by former spy chief Kim Yong-chol and foreign minister Ri Yong-ho. They ate fish and stuffed cucumbers.

How did the summit happen?

A year ago, tensions were high, with North Korea conducting ballistic missile tests. However, they have held diplomatic talks with neighbours South Korea this year, and Trump subsequently accepted an invitation to meet Kim.

What did Kim wear?

He chose a Chairman Mao-style suit, heeled shoes, horn-rimmed glasses and his trademark high-cut hairstyle. He has been seen in a western-cut suit recently, but opted for a dark, button-up outfit associated with socialist ideology for this occasion.

Although North Koreans are required to wear lapel badges depicting Kim's late father and grandfather, this accessory was absent from their leader in Singapore.

It has been speculated the the 5'8'' ruler was wearing elevated shoe inserts for the meeting, as he did not appear considerably shorter than the much taller American.

The Kim hairstyle is thought to be modelled on his grandfather Kim Il Sung's 1940s look.

What else did they do?

The president delighted in showing Kim the interior of his personal armoured car, The Beast. Kim also enjoyed a moonlit stroll along Singapore's waterfront and visited some of the country's tourist sites.