What younger members could do for Knaresborough Chamber of Trade

The Knaresborough Chamber of Trade is calling for younger recruits to join its ranks and help promote business within the town.

The Chamber is seeking to grow the number of younger members
The Chamber is seeking to grow the number of younger members

Following a meeting of the Chamber last month it is seeking to grow the number of younger members. The presence of a greater younger direction within the chamber could bolster the work done within the town says President of the Chamber, Stephen Teggin.

He said: "The chamber has a lot of senior traders who are involved and it might seem old-fashioned, but we are involved in a lot of what goes on in the town in regards to social events and are up to date with modern communication.

“These younger traders are already starting to come through, but we need more of them. They grew up using social media and it is important that we have that direction and knowledge of these people who are the future of our town.”He added: “I also believe they will help draw more business here, young entrepreneurs want to be around other young people and I think that presence on the Chamber would help with this.”

Among the younger members already having joined the chamber is Christian Ogley, Landlord of the Blind Jack Pub, who says joining has helped him realise the work that is done in the town. He hopes others would consider joining, with greater numbers helping support the projects carried out by the chamber.

He said: "I think being with the Chamber has helped and although it is early days it has been nice to be involved, seeing the community that is there in the business world of Knaresborough. It heads up things like organising putting up the Christmas lights and hanging baskets, things that make the whole town better.

"I think anyone interested in becoming a member should definitely get involved, the more that are involved means all the more that can be done in the town."

Tommy Fleming, owner of Tommy's Barber Shop shares such hopes for the chamber's younger membership growing, and backed the potential for a new music event to be introduced.

He said: "The Chamber represents the interest of the business community, we support each other and provide a forum for members to raise concerns. It is non-political which I think is important, and is more about helping and networking."

"I am still learning but I know they do a lot for the town and I know the more members we have the more we can do. This is because it allows us to run more events and address issues in the town."

He added: "I know they have mentioned a music event at one of the meetings and I would be keen to get that running and take it on. I think Knaresborough could do with something like that."