Wheelchair fundraiser in marathon

A DISABLED North Yorkshire man who lost the ability to walk at the age of 14, has helped raise £10,000 by completing a marathon.

Ollie Knocker, 21, of Sheriff Hutton, near York, who suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, called Bethlem Myopathy, completed last weekend’s 26-mile Brighton Marathon in his wheelchair alongside friends Ralph Dowson, Jack Mace and Tom Heal, to raise funds to help research the muscle wasting disease.

The group now plan to take part in this weekend’s London Marathon, although Ollie cannot join them due to organiser’s rules.

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“My friends wanted to do something which I could be involved in to help research muscular dystrophy”, he said.

“They thought a marathon would be relatively easily organised but still a very substantial challenge.

“I recently visited the labs at Newcastle University where all the research into Bethlem Myophathy takes place and witnessed experiments on my own cells.

“It was clear the money raised is put to extremely good use.”

The group also raised money for St Dunstan’s, a charity for ex-servicemen left visually impaired by combat.