When the great and good come out to shop in Malton

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From: PJ Nightingale, The Vinery, Howden.

I HAVE to confess that I’ve never been to Malton, only bypassed it on the way to the coast.

However, after seeing the impressive letter (Yorkshire Post, September 6) regarding Tesco’s audacious bid to build to build store in the town, I cannot wait to visit the place.

It will be wonderful to roam the streets and rub shoulders with the “great and good” who were signatories to the letter, could somebody please advise me which would be the best day of the week to go?

It must also be said that if the good folk of Malton and their many supporters continue to use the existing shops then any large store will surely not make a profit and will ultimately close.

From: C Bousefield, Ryther, Near Tadcaster.

I VIEWED the letter from The Rt Hon Simon Howard and other individuals regarding Ryedale Council’s proposals to let a supermarket develop a site in Malton.

I also note that the main body of petitioners against this were the great and self-appointed good of the area; you will have deduced that the names of lesser mortals did not appear!

I have viewed both Malton, and may I suggest Tadcaster, for similar reasons over a number of years. The former seems to suffer a similar under-occupation as does the latter, Tadcaster.

Both towns for comparison have a high percentage of the remnants of feudal systems, namely one family dominated control of property and vested interests.

What they need are some larger investors who will take the young off the unemployment register and spread hope to other businesses. If the big store draws people in the little ones benefit too, but this letter looks as always of self-protection (not in my back field).

Unfortunately, the population of this country has grown and with it greater need ensues.

Maybe the council could spend the profit from the development sale wisely, if indeed it all goes ahead, and brighten the life of many, not just the few of what are honestly the usual suspects occasionally raising their heads from a fence!

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

IT was great to see such a list of star-studded worthies supporting the shopkeepers of Malton (Yorkshire Post, September 6) but I would gamble all England to a hay seed that Ryedale District Council don’t take a scrap of notice of their endeavours to stop the sale of Wentworth Street car park.

From: Rick Sumner, Cliff Road, Hornsea.

I WOULD like to express my sympathy with the residents of Harrogate who have been fighting against the proposed Tesco supermarket in the town. Tesco is presently building a store in our small market town of Hornsea.

Lots of local people are welcoming this but in many cases this is because it will include a filling station. The siting of the store will almost certainly spell the end for our town centre shops.

I fear the whole of Britain is suffering from a terrible disease which has now been identified as ‘Tescolitis’.