Where there’s muck there’s a great day out in Yorkshire

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From: Pamela Z Frankland, Hull Road, Dunnington, York.

MUCH has been said regarding the cancellation of the Great Yorkshire Show on the Tuesday afternoon.

We fortunately attended that day and had a wonderful time. It was dreadful underfoot but as we wore winter boots we were fine.We had a blue badge so were in the dry car park in Sainsbury’s.

It took us one hour and 15 minutes to get in from York but a friend took one hour to go one mile!

The flowers and magnificent NFU stand delighted and the cheese competitions amazed with the aromas and varieties. The horses as always were superbly turned out. We were going to view the cattle, sheep and pigs on the Thursday.

I am so concerned for all the stands and the WI with all the food due to that cancellation – what did they do with it?

The food is beautifully presented and their bacon butties are beyond compare. The financial loss will be unbelievable.

Hopefully better luck next year!

From: David Algar, Low Bridge Park, Abbey Road, Knaresborough.

At the time of the 2011 Great Yorkshire Agricultural Show, I wrote a letter to the Yorkshire Agricultural Society and the 
press by way of protest 
against the use of a private aircraft by the Prince of Wales to visit the show.

Twelve months later we had 
the sad decision to abandon the 2012 show against the background of a record-breaking wet spell with accompanying local flooding.

There remains little doubt that our weather patterns have of late been influenced by a combination of natural astrophysical activity and man-made pollution.

There is a well researched scientific theory known as 
Chaos Theory which develops 
the argument that small changes can in turn lead to significant changes within dependent environments.

A popular interpretation is the theoretical example of a hurricane’s formation being contingent on whether a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks before.

Perhaps it may be appropriate for the Yorkshire Agricultural Society and our democratic institutions to ‘flap their collective wings’ to remind the Prince of Wales of his moral obligations to the present and future generations.

From: Elizabeth Game, Rombalds, Otley.

DESPITE the weather, my 
sister and I had a fantastic 
day at the Great Yorkshire 
Show on Tuesday, July 10. 
Even getting stuck in the car 
park couldn’t dampen our 

Imagine my surprise when I got the Yorkshire Post the following day, only to find a photo of my car up to its axles in mud on the front cover!

Truly the icing on the cake to a brilliant day.

A big thank you to the three chaps who finally got us out and moving again.