Who is in power?

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WANTED: a dynamic, persistent individual, who refuses to accept “no”’ as an answer and who has the drive to champion those consumers repeatedly overcharged by Britain’s energy suppliers.

For, given the continued ineffectiveness of the Consumer Focus watchdog, the heat is on to find a new body who can decipher bills which, to many, appear deliberately designed to mislead and confuse.

This is illustrated by a damning report which reveals how the so-called “big six” are not obliged to publish full details about complaints.

However, it is consumers who pay the heaviest price of all for their complacency. By failing to take on these firms, they are missing out on millions of pounds in unclaimed compensation over mistaken energy bills and faulty meters – even though 95 per cent of complaints that do reach the industry’s Ombdudsman are upheld.

The complaints system should not just favour those who shout the loudest – it needs to champion all, and also campaign to ensure that senior citizens are guaranteed the cheapest tariff at all times. Is anyone up for the challenge?