Who will be making the news in the next seven days?

Steve Jobs

The Lady in the Van

Steve Jobs

Or rather Michael Fassbender, who plays the late Apple boss in a new film out next week. With Danny Boyle in the director’s chair, the film, simply titled Steve Jobs, has all the makings of a hit. However, its release has not been without problems. Somewhat inevitably the film has been accused of taking a few liberties with the truth and while the critics Stateside have been generally positive those four and five star reviews haven’t translated into box office success.

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Jungle Fever

The arrival of Ant and Dec in the Australian jungle must mean it’s nearly Christmas. Now we know that for the most part it’s just a bunch of overpaid and underworked celebs trying desperately to reignite their careers, but where else would you be allowed to bury Paul Burrell, butler to the late Princess Diana and mung bean zealot Gillian McKeith up to their eyes in witchetty grubs.

The Girls

Finally, it’s here. Next week the curtain goes up on the musical based on the Rylstone WI, who bared all for charity. Written by Tim Firth and with music by Gary Barlow, the show gets its premiere at Leeds Grand Theatre on Saturday and runs to mid-December.

Boom or bust

Brace yourself, on Monday we will find out whether the world’s economy is looking rosy or heading towards a financial car crash. Given the title of the OECD’s report, which will be unveiled in Paris this morning, is ‘Puzzles and Uncertainties, it seems unlikely that the forecast will be brimming with good news.


It might not have the same global impact as the OECD’s research, but Monday night will see the premiere of a new documentary which follows a year in the life of the Real Madrid star. While the makers boast they had unprecedented access to Ronaldo it is likley to be a slightly air-brushed affair, but it may give at least a little insight into his relationship with his young son, born in slightly mysterious circumstances five years ago.


Rewind to the early 1990s and air travel was a simple, if pricey affair. You bought your ticket, checked-in and once you’d boarded the only thing left to do was enjoy the complimentary peanuts. EasyJet, which celebrates its 20th anniversary next week, changed all that. With its bright orange livery and equally colourful founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, some doubted the business model would succeed, but EasyJet now operates 700 routes in 32 countries and employs 11,000 people.

Spy Games

Ben Wishaw is on a roll. Having just delivered a memorable performance as Q in the lastest James Bond film, the actor returns to the small screen in London Spy. In the BBC drama, Wishaw plays the hedonistic Danny who falls in love with an enigmatic operative in the Secret Intelligence Service. When his lover disappears, he finds himself drawn into a world of espionage, blackmail and crime. The series was first screened in America and should definitely be worth a watch.

National Treasures

Yorkshire’s own Alan Bennett will be back in the news with the release of big screen version of The Lady in the Van. Bennett’s original play, inspired by Mary Shepherd who took up residence on his driveway in a battered van for 15 years, was a hit in the West End and the film, starring Dame Maggie Smith, looks set to be equally successful.