Why this European capital is '˜cheapest city for cultural breaks' for UK holidaymakers

Budapest is the cheapest cultural break destination for UK tourists, according to a new report.


Holidaymakers planning a last-minute trip crammed with arts and entertainment could save hundreds of pounds by choosing the Hungarian capital, Post Office Travel Money said.

Analysis of ticket prices for six cultural attractions at 16 foreign European cities found that Budapest costs the least for UK visitors.

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The research took into account entrance costs for a museum, art gallery, heritage attraction, dance show, opera and classical concert.

In Budapest, the total price of £60 includes visits to the Hungarian National Museum (£5), National Gallery (£5) and a performance of Beethoven at Bela Bartok National Concert Hall (£13).

The low cost of culture in Warsaw (£92) and Prague (£99) means the top three cheapest destinations are all eastern European capitals.

Overall prices in all three cities were less than a third of those in Madrid, the most expensive city surveyed at £330.

Expensive attractions in the Spanish capital include opera Only The Sound Remains at Teatro Real (£166) and Nutcracker by the Spanish National Dance Company (£122).

Post Office Travel Money spokesman Andrew Brown said: “It is worth doing your homework and checking what performances are scheduled for the dates of your visit before booking a city break.

“The cost can vary dramatically depending on the venue, orchestra and ballet or opera company.

“Culture vultures can save a lot of money if they know the ropes. Afternoon ballet and opera performances often cost less than evening ones and galleries across Europe are free on specific days of the month or cheaper if visited late in the day.”

The study took into account music, opera and ballet ticket prices for category two seats for performances in late October/November or the nearest time available.

Here are the costs of six cultural attractions at European cities, according to Post Office Travel Money:

1. Budapest, Hungary (£60)

2. Warsaw, Poland (£92)

3. Prague, Czech Republic (£99)

4. Dublin, Ireland (£138)

5. Stockholm, Sweden (£158)

6. Brussels, Belgium (£165)

7. Barcelona, Spain (£223)

8. Moscow, Russia (£226)

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands (£237)

10. Rome, Italy (£253)

11. Berlin, Germany (£254)

12. Copenhagen, Denmark (£264)

13. Paris, France (£281)

14. Milan, Italy (£283)

15. Vienna, Austria (£284)

16. Madrid, Spain (£330)