Why The Great Exhibition of the North is set to be a highlight of 2018

The North of England is currently preparing, planning and designing what is set to be one of the largest cultural events of this year, the Great Exhibition of the North.

The Great Exhibition of the North 2018
The Great Exhibition of the North 2018

The official programme has just been released and the event has been officially launched, but what exactly is this exhibition and why has it been created?

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What is The Great Exhibition of the North?

Summer 2018 will see both Newcastle and Gateshead become alive with art, music and design, with the Great Exhibition of the North set to be the country's biggest cultural event of the year. This exhibition aims to promote the cultural talent that the North of England has to offer, celebrating the innovative and imaginative spirit of pioneers both past and present.

This eighty day event showcases art, design and culture, dedicating a 'trail' to each of these strands.

This event aims to tell the rest of the globe the story of the North of England, doing so through showcasing the work of its artists, designers, innovators and local businesses.

Exhibitions, displays of artworks and innovative designs, live musical performances, presentations and talks will all be used to aid the telling of this story.

Why has this exhibition been created?

Not only does this exhibition aim to showcase all that the North has to offer, it also wants to change and challenge preconceptions of the North by showing the pioneering and cultural impact that is has had and continues to make.

Through presenting the cultural talent of the North, reflecting on the impact that is has had so far, this exhibition hopes to show how the future is now being shaped by upcoming talent in multiple forms. Sustainability is also a large part of this event, showing how innovative talent from the North is impacting transport, energy, healthcare and homes.

This exhibition aims to not only promote local pride and reach people from the rest of the country, but it hopes to attract people from around the world, allowing visitors to both see and experience just how much the North of England has to offer.

Where will it take place?

Newcastle and Gateshead provides the backdrop for this event, with work being showcased on both sides of the River Tyne.

The three separate Art, Design and Innovation trails will allow people to visit music venues such as the Sage Gateshead, museums such as the Great North Museum and galleries including the Laing and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

Offices, workshops and the city's bars and restaurants will also be part of this cultural celebration, contributing to the collaborative nature of this event. Newcastle and Gatehead's most iconic buildings will display parts of this exhibition, and visitors being able to see innovative designs such as the Tyne and Millenium bridge will contribute to the showcasing of the North's cultural talent.

When will this exhibition be?

The exhibition will last for eighty days, from June 22nd- September 9th.

The exhibition will begin with an opening event, named 'Get North', and will host an evening event down by the Quayside.

The first showing of the UK's largest water sculpture will feature at this event and will continue to be shown throughout the summer. This exhibition will finish with a 'Creating the Future' closing weekend and the annual Great North Run.