Why no outrage at soft touch for killer drivers?

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From: Malcolm Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

YOUR “Total contempt” leader (Yorkshire Post, November 24) produced the inevitable tabloidesque response (November 28).

You rightly spoke of “the contempt that the lawless minority show for the law-abiding majority”.

On July 23, you reported the case of a 46-year-old driver who had collected four speeding convictions in as many years.

The day after her fourth conviction – with licence still intact, despite her history – she once again stuck two fingers up to the law and overtook on a solid white line, killing one oncoming driver and seriously injuring another. How’s that for contempt?

Oddly, there was no vitriolic castigation of “ultra soft liberal Britain” etc. in your columns, neither did you comment on “a criminal underclass... who show no inclination of wanting to obey the law” on this occasion.

And do not courts exhibit contempt for the law-abiding majority, by approaching wanton boorish behaviour by a minority of drivers, with what seems to be little more than a shrug of the shoulders?

In this instance, when her derisory three-year ban expires, this killer-driver will be let loose on us again, without so much as an extended driving test.

Can anyone explain or seek to justify this?