Why Obama backed Israel

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From: Martin D Stern, Hanover Gardens, Salford.

GEOFFREY F Bryant (Yorkshire Post, November 21) writes that “the one man who could really do something about this parlous situation is President Barack Obama” and calls on him to “just once face down the all-powerful US Jewish lobby and put real pressure on the Israelis”.

Having just won the presidential election, and not having the possibility of serving a third term, he should be able to do so. That he, on the contrary, has supported Israel’s right to defend its civilian population from Hamas rockets shows that he realises that its recent campaign was entirely justified.

Pity the innocent

From: John Wilson, New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds.

YOU report (Yorkshire Post, November 21) that 30 teachers have been sacked for child abuse hereabouts in the last three years, but later in the report you say there were 700 complaints. Thirty out of 700 is less than five per cent, which presumably means that more than 95 per cent of complaints are ill-founded (ie 19 out of 20). Guilty teachers deserve what they get. But who would want to be an innocent one?

Acutely wrong

From: Mrs June Wolfe, Lightcliffe, Halifax.

WHAT a coincidence! A friend and I recently mentioned the word “chronic”’ as I had always thought it meant acute, whereas she thought long-standing. Of course, she was right as verified by your article (Yorkshire Post, November 16). I can clearly remember, when I was young, older ladies referring to someone who was ill, saying: “Eh, she’s really bad, she’s got it something chronic!”