Why passions run very high over Europe

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From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

EVER since this country joined the then “European” Common Market, the Conservative Party has been split between those that were in favour of ever more “integration” and those that were basically against the whole policy and idea.

I would venture that most English people are not very interested in politics generally, but on the question of Europe and/or the euro, passions run very high. The current state of affairs is farcical, with Tory backbenchers (over 100) and some Conservative Cabinet members wanting out.

If this sort of major division in policy occurred in any other type of business, in any sports club, or trade association or hobby group, a vote would be called for immediately. There should be an immediate in/out referendum vote.

This would be truly democratic, fair, would be long lasting and everyone would know exactly where they stand.

From: Nigel F Boddy, Fife Road, Darlington, County Durham.

MANY years ago Sir John Major, in a private moment not intended for publication, under his breath allegedly called a distant cousin of mine “the swivel-eyed tendency of the Tory Party”.

I have the same Bette Davis eyes that he was referring to. It is true, I have caused great unintended offence over many years by appearing to stare when not even looking at people. Sir John’s alleged remark (to be fair always denied) has now resurfaced. What are we for if not to make sport for our neighbours and for us to laugh at them in our turn? Can we talk about the issue instead please? David Cameron should not be allowed to just laugh this off. He raised the subject by promising a referendum but crucially, four years away. Why can’t we just have the in/out referendum now please? Enough of this smoke screen.

From: D Birch, Smithy Lane, Cookridge, Leeds.

THERE is only one part of the European Union that we all would like to get rid of. It’s the vast administration which uses up the billions of pounds all the countries give to members. They spend it making rules and regulations that strangle all our lives. Being good members we accept it and in turn it interferes with everything we stand for as a democracy.

As a Government, we should over the next two years be talking and cajoling every member government, whether in the eurozone or out of it, and the concentration of all the meetings, whether single or in groups, should be aimed at changing the Parliament so it is able to build a European industry and a banking centre, similar to our Bank of England using the euro as their currency to buy and sell.

Maybe our new man at the Bank of England would like to have a look at what could be done and brief our Government on how to push for change?

From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey.

“HUNDREDS of thousands of jobs depend on Britain’s exports to Europe.” “Europe is Britain’s biggest trading partner.” “It would be madness to leave the European Union because of this.” How many times have such statements been trotted out, which by omitting the full facts are wholly inaccurate and wilfully deceive many people.

How can it be boasted that Europe is Britain’s biggest trading partner? The word “partner” suggests equality, but our trade with Europe is far from equal. Britain imports far more goods from Europe than we export to them.

This is not an opinion but a plain and simple fact, as for every £100 worth of exports we export to Europe, Europe sells us around £140 worth back. Instead of claiming that Europe is Britain’s biggest trading partner, wouldn’t it be far more accurate and truthful to say that Britain is Europe’s best customer?

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

IF Mrs Stark’s letter (Yorkshire Post, May 17) is typical of Ukip’s approach to politics, I fear for the future of local government if these novices and amateurs ever get their hands on the levers of power.

My letter (Yorkshire Post, May 11) was primarily directed at local affairs and there is no doubt that running town halls is now big business. To replace long-serving and experienced councillors with people without knowledge or expertise is and would be wholly misguided. Mrs Stark thinks they couldn’t do worse and might do better. Talk about naive.

From: D Wood, Thorntree Lane, Goole, East Yorkshire.

DAVID Cameron is so stupid that he cannot see that all Nick Clegg and his gang of nonentities are doing is to undermine the Tories and prevent them winning the next election in a futile hope that they will have the balance of power in another hung parliament.

The only way he can save himself and the Conservatives is to introduce a Bill for an in or out referendum this year. Then order all his MPs to vote for the Bill. But inform the other two EU fanatic parties, Lib Dems and Labour, that he will then publish the full voting results.

The British public, who overwhelmingly want a referendum, will know how their MP voted and can vote accordingly at the General Election which will follow any defeat of the Bill.

From: Robert Craig, Priory Road, Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset.

IT used to be said that careless 
talk costs lives. The reported view of a senior Conservative that his party activists are “swivel-eyed loons” is proving to be the last straw for many traditionalists. In the South, the beneficiary of defections is likely to be Ukip, and in the North, the English Democrats.