Why we should all feel good

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From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

WE are constantly being told that the feelgood factor no longer exists in Great Britain. Every one of us that can get out of bed in the morning, dress, and put our footwear of choice on, should feel good. I admit to liking a little moan, now and again (it’s good for the blood pressure).

Although because of the recession and the stingy state pension I am almost skint, I feel like a millionaire and look forward to my 81st birthday.

I remember the song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

Home win

From: Charles Forgan, Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby .

Your editorial “Tourism triumph”, (Yorkshire Post, October 2), was to the point. Yorkshire, the Yorkshire brand and Welcome to Yorkshire have outperformed the rest of the country by a handsome margin for the last four years. Ours has been not only a Yorkshire success, but a national success and a model to rival. Poor David Cameron and his Big Society. Even when success stares Whitehall in the face, they are utterly incapable of building on it. Yorkshire must rely on Yorkshire.

Chinese theft

From: John Copperthwaite, St Chad’s Road, Leeds.

CHINA is accusing Japan of stealing some small islands in the South China seas. Such massive impudence overlooks the fact that China stole an entire country – Tibet. Not only that but its forces have, over the ensuing years, murdered more than one million Tibetans and destroyed some 6,000 of its monasteries. Get your own “house” in order first, China, before complaining about others.