Wife Swap disaster leads to bitter exchanges

TV reality show ends in nightmare amid claims of sex assault and filthy conditions Lucy Harvey WHEN millionaire Robin Goforth and his fiancee Noelie Klineberg agreed to take part in reality television show Wife Swap they were looking forward to learning about how other families live.

But the television experiment ended in disaster when the man Miss Klineberg went to stay with kicked her out of his house halfway through filming, and a week later his wife made allegations of sexual assault against one of Mr Goforth's friends.

The woman, who was accompanied by a chaperone throughout filming, has since retracted the allegations made to South Yorkshire Police.

But officers still want to interview Mr Goforth and his friend, leaving them saying they feel "like villains".

"We haven't done anything wrong, yet we have still got police coming to our house," said Mr Goforth, 57, a self-made millionaire who owns Hayfield Fisheries and several petrol stations.

Miss Klineberg, 37, added: "I wonder if the taxpayers of Yorkshire think that is a useful way to spend their money."

The saga started when programme makers RDF contacted Mr Goforth and Miss Klineberg to see if they would be interested in taking part in the show.

The couple proved popular on ITV1 programme Flash Families earlier this year, and have been lined up for a number of other shows as a result.

They agreed to appear and within two weeks Miss Klineberg had travelled to Bath where she moved in with a 40-year-old man and his two children.

Programme rules insist the women who swap places adopt the other woman's life for five days, so initially the usually glamorous Miss Klineberg, who has had 30,000 of plastic surgery, was forced to bathe in just four inches of water, wear no make-up and follow a strict diet.

"The woman I swapped with was morbidly obese but she has lost three stones since April so now she is just clinically obese. I had to follow her diet, which is all seeds and pulses," she said.

"But the major problem was the state of her house. It was filthy. They are eco-warriors and she only uses half a lemon and bicarbonate of soda to clean with, and I'm sorry but that house was not clean. I used a whole bottle of Chanel No. 5 bodywash just to clean the toilet."

On "Changeover Day", when Miss Klineberg was due to introduce her rules to the house, her host put a stop to filming. He said Miss Klineberg had been disrespectful to his home by saying it didn't meet her standards of hygiene, and insisted his wife return from Doncaster.

Mr Goforth said: "She had been a real headache with her eco-warrior bit, but a worthy component and I was looking forward to the rule changes, but her husband said filming couldn't go on."

Eight days later programme makers called Mr Goforth to tell him an allegation of sexual assault had been made against his friend.

He said: "I couldn't believe it. It was ridiculous. She said it had happened on the Friday night when we were in the bar area at our house.

"There were seven people in that room at all times, she was wired for sound and filmed the whole time so I don't know how she thought it could have happened. I couldn't believe anyone was taking it seriously.

"The next thing we hear she has retracted the allegations, but the police still want to come to our house and interview us and our friend. I have known him for 30 years and he is absolutely devastated by the whole thing. The police have given us no sympathy and are treating us like we have done something wrong when we have been the victims in this whole thing.

"We think the allegations were just a ploy by the other couple to stop the programme being screened because it will show them in a bad light, but hopefully it has backfired."

A spokeswoman for RDF said a decision had not yet been made on whether the programme will be screened.

Police refused to comment on the case.