Will Olympics leave us in jam?

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From: John Wilson, Wilsons Solicitors, Idle.

I RECENTLY started seeing lots of signs and posters informing me of likely traffic congestion during the Olympics and that I should plan my journey well in advance.

The Olympics, of course, are being held in a little place called London about 200 miles down the road.

Are the jams really going to extend to here? Or are we just throwing public money away on these announcements?

I read about some extraordinary security precautions being taken and the public relations that goes with them. I’m wondering if shortly I ought to expect a visit from officialdom informing me how lucky I am because they have chosen my roof as the location of heat-seeking missiles during Bradford Park Avenue home games.

Surprised? I certainly would be. I didn’t know BPA generated any heat.

Parents have responsibility

From: Hilary Andrews, Wentworth Court, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

SO Ofsted is going to penalise schools who do not take a tough stand on pupils having their mobile phones in the classroom?

I agree that the teacher should remove phones from pupils as they can disrupt the whole class but they should be returned to the parent or guardian at the end of the school day or the next morning.

It is a parental responsibility when a child disrupts the school day.

The teachers have a hard enough job teaching. Manners must be instilled at home.

Cold rain

From: Robert Nelson, Queens Road, Harrogate.

IN my old age after all the talk about climate change and global warming, I was hoping we would get some warm rain.

However it still seems to be the same old icy stuff that gets down the back of my neck and sends shivers down my spine. Hopes dashed yet again.