Will travel agent pay the price for gas tragedy?

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From: Stephen Hill, Mill Close, Todwick, Sheffield.

IN view of the findings of the inquest into the death of the two children from carbon monoxide poisoning in Corfu, one would think the company‘s business would be severely hit (The Yorkshire Post, May 13 and 14). Has this happened?

I am an agent for many to-let properties and the requirements of the law that relate to gas appliances are almost draconian and rightly so. All appliances have to have a new certificate every year, following an annual inspection and service if required. No matter who installed them, or to whom they belong, if they are in the property then they are the agent’s responsibility.

As for being an agent, it is not the landlord or the installer who is deemed at fault if anything goes wrong, it is the agent.

Landlords and agents are ever mindful of this and have been for many years.

Apparently not so travel agents.

From: Mrs J Hart, Horsforth.

AS bosses of Thomas Cook refused to answer questions at the inquest into the deaths of Bobby and Christi Shepherd, we can show our support, sympathy and solidarity for the family by booking holidays in future with more reputable travel firms – with a moral conscience.