Wine whine leaves sour taste for Asda and Morrisons

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
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SUPERMARKETS Asda and Morrisons have reached a settlement with a French champagne producer after becoming mixed up in a legal dispute about wine.

Champagne Louis Roederer claimed that a Spanish wine maker called J Garcia Carrion (JGC) had breached its trade mark right to the use of the word “Cristal” by importing “Cristalino” wine into the UK.

The French firm also took action against Asda and Morrisons - which sold the wine.

Mrs Justice Rose, who analysed the dispute at a High Court hearing in London, says the French firm’s claims against Asda and Morrisons have been settled.

She told, in a ruling on the case, how she understood that the supermarkets would no longer stock JGC Cristalino wine.

The judge said JGC had infringed the French firm’s right to use the Cristal trade mark.