Wisdom of ages shows that granny knows best

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“Good manners don’t cost anything”, “You can only do your best”, and “Don’t buy what you can’t afford”.

Not only are they pearls of wisdom, they are also the most common sayings that grandparents in Yorkshire have passed down to their families, according to new research.

A study by McCarthy & Stone showed other common advice from the older generation coming in the form of well-known sayings such as, “a smile can get you a long way” and “practice makes perfect”.

However there were some of more unusual words of guidance include: “a short pencil is often better than a long memory”, “forgiveness is the key to happiness” and “banana peels help your tomatoes go red”.

The study found that 70 per cent think the older generation is wiser than their peers due to years of life experience. And grandmothers in Yorkshire tend to give better advice than grandfathers.

The average person has mentally stored 22 pieces of advice that their grandparents or elderly relatives have shared with them. So much so, that nearly two thirds of adults regularly pass on their grandparents’ advice to others.

Fiona Brooks, a director for McCarthy & Stone said: “Even as adults we continue to turn to grandparents for their take on any dilemmas we are facing. Although many of the pearls of wisdom are well known phrases that we are all familiar with, there is a lot of truth in many of them.”